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3 Agt 2012


PT. Sugico Graha (oil & gas) invites highly qualified candidates to apply for the following:



Qualification :

·         Male max. 40 years old

·         Working experience as Project Manager min. 3 years in oil & gas industry.

·         Min. Qualification, Bachelor Degree (S1) in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or related major.

Responsibilities and Duties:

·         Lead the planning, kickoff and implementation of projects.​

·         Coordinate the overall project schedule and ensure that all related project plans are completed  to meet quality, functionality and time requirements.

·         Plan, schedule, and track project timelines and deliverables to achieve successful completion.

·         Lead, provide directions and supports to project team members.

·         Maintain excellent relationship with customers.

·         Develop and present reports of the projects to customers.

·         Constantly monitor and provide clear, timely reports regarding the progress status of the projects – schedule, budget, progress to date, risks, problems and solutions to upper management.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Ability to make Cost Budget Estimate Plan and manage cost control of the projects.

·         Possess written, great communication skills, creativity and ability to work closely with key customers, technical resources, team projects and others to successfully deliver assigned projects.

·         Experience & Skills in understanding, gathering, and documenting customer requirements.

·         Strong attention to detail and excellent documentation skills.​

·         Excellent leadership skills to direct, motivate project team members to achieve successful project completion.

·         Has positive attitude & personality, discipline, highly self motivated and responsibility.

·         Critical thinking, problem solving skills, hard Working & Has high enthusiasm towards work.

·         Able to work well in team and under pressure.

·         Willing to work on weekend or overtime if needed

·         Willing to work and visit sites location.

·         Highly Competence in Microsoft Office and any software program related to the work

·         Fluent in English both oral & written.




Qualification :

·         Male/Female max. 35 years old

·         Working experience min. 3 years in Marketing/Sales Manager for Oil & Gas Market.

Responsibilities & Duties:

·         Developing, maintaining and establishing marketing / sales strategies for the company.

·         Reach target given by company.

·         Source and search for markets and customers.  

·         Maintain good relationship with customer.

·         Make and present weekly report and marketing/sales plan to upper management.

·         Plan, Lead, supervise and direct team members

·         Monitor team member's performance and motivating them to reach targets.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Possess written and communication skills to interact with customers and team members.

·         Ability to make presentation to customers and company.

·         Ability to inspire, motivate and lead a team.

·         Excellent sales and negotiation skills.

·         Has positive attitude & personality, discipline, highly self motivated and responsibility.

·         Attractive looking.

·         Fluent in English both oral & written

·         Competence in Ms.Office e.g word, excel, power point.

·         Has strong passion in sales & high enthusiasm towards work.

·         Hard working & ready to travel out of city if needed.





Qualification :

·         Male/Female max.35 years old

·         Min. Qualification, Bachelor Degree (S1) in Accounting, Finance or related major.

·         GPA Min. 3.0

·         Working experience at least 2 years in accounting, finance ore related field.

Responsibilities & Duties:

·         Manage Finance & Accounting Division and ensure all activities run well

Such as cash flow management, accounting management, cost accounting management, account payable, account receivable, taxation.

·         Manage and monitor all financial reconciliations

·         Make and present financial reports to upper management.

·         Ensure an accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year end close reports.

·         Responds to inquiries from the upper management regarding financial results, special reporting requests, etc.

·         Plans, Leads, supervises and directs team members of its accounting functions.

·         Monitors and analyzes the team members to develop more efficient procedures and use of resources while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

·         Provide trainings, supports, assistance and motivation to new and existing team member.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Knowledge of accounting principles, practices and procedures.

·         Skill in performing detailed and complex numerical computations and reports and high accuracy in calculation.

·         Strong attention to detail and excellent documentation skills.​

·         Competence in Ms.Office e.g excel, word, Knowledge of computerized accounting, applications, keyboard facility or any software program related to the work.

·         Ability to handle multiple conflicting deadlines and function effectively in a fast paced work environment.

·         Has positive attitude, personality, discipline, High Responsibility, hard working & high enthusiasm towards work.

·         Strong passion in accounting and able to work under pressure.

·         Has excellent written, verbal communication skill & Learn fast.





Qualification :

·         Female/Male max. 30 years old

·         Working experience min. 2 years in related field.

·         Min. Qualification, Diploma (D3) any kind of major.

Responsibilities and Duties:

·         Ensure all activities to procure goods and services are completed in a timely and cost effective manager.

·         Implements methods, practices, and techniques to achieve cost effective solutions. 

·         Negotiate price,  service agreements, credit terms, etc with suppliers to meet company's requirements.

·         Monitor and manage key supplier relationships and drive improvement for cost, quality and delivery performance.​

·         Analyzes changes or new issues in materials and supplies to find ways to reduce costs and improve quality

·         Researches and develops new sources of supply and keeps informed of new products, materials, services and price trends.

·         Inform upper management of any new sources of supplies, including those with new prices and options

·         Maintain the quality network of supplier,  review and updating list of alternate suppliers regularly.

·         Maintain supplier evaluation system

·         Ensures inventory levels are appropriate, secure, and accurately recorded and verified

·         Lead, direct, provide assistance and supports to team members.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Understanding of Supply Chain Management operational concepts from planning, scheduling, purchasing, supplier selection, inventory control, store room management and logistics

·         Excellent negotiation skills with suppliers and principals.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills to work closely with team members and suppliers.

·         Good ability in researching / sourcing for products and services required.

·         Complete required reports, records, and other documentation as required

·         Ability to handle multiple conflicting deadlines and function effectively in a fast paced work environment.

·         Highly competence in Ms. Office especially excel.

·         Willing to work overtime if needed

·         Strong planning and problem-solving skills

·         High integrity, honest, trustworthy and accurate.

·         Has Positive attitude & personality, high responsibility and high enthusiasm towards work.

·         Fluent in English both oral and written.



Please send your Complete Curriculum Vitae, Application Letter, Academic Transcript and Recent Photograph to:

Email : hrd@plkk.co.id


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